Unwrapping an Icon

Brunello Cucinelli gathers its most festive creations for the winter-inspired 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

Written by Lindsey Kesel
Images courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli

The graceful dance of falling snowflakes. The crispness of mountain air. The soft touch of cashmere on a chilly morning. In harnessing the purity of winter moments, the ease and simplicity of holiday memories in the making, Brunello Cucinelli’s Winter in White Holiday Gift Guide shines. 

Visions of a warm family gathering around a table, decorated in neutral tones with beautifully crafted items, shape the 2023 gift offerings in the spirit of the Cucinelli family’s own holiday traditions in Solomeo, Umbria. The curated collection of artisan décor, meticulously crafted accessories, and ready-to-wear ensembles indeed manifest winter magic—every stitch is a celebration, every item a harbinger of la gioia, Italian formerriment, rejoicing, or glee.” 

Wintry motifs paired with iconic Brunello Cucinelli shades of white, gold, and taupe form the collection’s through line, the alluring palette reminiscent of a winter wonderland. “White, in its various shades and textures—from warm to cold and from matte to polished—conveys a sophisticated charm that resonates with warmth and luxury when paired with cashmere and fine fibers,” says Carolina Cucinelli, Co-President and Co-Creative Director.

In Winter in White’s Lifestyle Capsule Collection, a special something can be found for loved ones and gracious hosts alike amidst soft throws, dazzling cashmere knit baubles, candles, handmade ceramics, and artisan-forged decorations. The classic Cashmere Cushions fold into any festivity, boasting a decadent double-fabric construction with gold embroidered Brunello Cucinelli logo and leather trim.

A wealth of wearable gifts for her include the ultra-cozy Cashmere Rib Knit Beanie and Cashmere Rib Knit Mittens in Hazelnut and White, featuring traditional ribbing and embroidered label in rows of shiny monili. Tailor-made for holiday parties, the Dazzling Satin Polo Shirt flaunts an elegant silk-blend fabric enhanced with eye-catching paillettes over the entire surface—a perfect marriage of softness and sparkle. The Brunello Cucinelli Vetro Hoop earrings are an exquisite touch for joyful outfits: At the base of each earring, the jeweler’s technique of mirror polishing accentuates the tinsel effect of Sterling Silver, while small metallic Vetro beads illuminate the accessories for a chic, feminine feel.

Also in the holiday treasure chest, Brunello Cucinelli showcases extraordinary winter gift selections for him. The Suede Mountain-Style Boots combine the complementary textures of leather and virgin wool for footwear that is at once sporty and warm, ready to traverse pavement or trail. A hearty wonder for bold souls braving the cold, the Flecked Icelandic Jacquard Sweater is spun from masterfully woven alpaca, cotton, and wool knop yarn, and features Nordic-inspired geometric patterns and a nuanced collar. 

Mirroring the carefree, adventurous spirit of little ones, the Winter in White boys and girls collection includes lightweight outerwear, elegant dresses and sweaters, and comfortable, sporty outfits—plus playful footwear, hats, and other exclusive accessories.

New to the 2023 gift guide, the first-ever Brunello Cucinelli fragrance line presents scent profiles inspired by the rolling Umbrian landscape: Brunello Cucinelli Pour Homme radiates scents of the forest, from spicy citrus to woody and balsamic notes via juniper and clary sage. In Brunello Cucinelli Pour Elle, the tingle of pink pepper and mandarin give way to fragrant earthy chestnut, vetiver and cedar, with a soft musk and amber finish.

A tradition in itself, Brunello Cucinelli’s charmed packaging design expresses the timeless elegance of the holidays. Each treasure is tucked in a tone-on-tone striped wrapping that mimics the feel of natural yarn, and secured with a delicate ribbon embellished with gold touches. 

Experience the Winter in White Holiday Gift Guide collection, designed to bring warmth and sophistication to the gifting season, at Brunello Cucinelli Honolulu in Ala Moana Center or online at brunellocucinelli.com.