Finding “The One” with Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s bridal assortment presents an opportunity to find an engagement ring that embodies the heart and soul of its intended wearer.

Images courtesy of Harry Winston

Since 1932, the extraordinary diamonds of Harry Winston have commemorated some of the greatest romances of our time. Consider, for example, the legendary Lesotho III diamond engagement ring given to Jacqueline Kennedy by her soon-to-be Aristotle Onassis. Or recall the flawless pear-shaped stone presented to the equally flawless Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton in 1969—a diamond that drew a line of thousands in New York and Chicago hoping to catch a glimpse of the rarified gemstone. Whether it’s their exquisite engagement rings or their brilliant wedding day jewels, Harry Winston’s timeless offerings are sure to make every special moment even grander.

As a result, a certain air of romance has encompassed the House of Harry Winston, with its renowned collection of rare jewels comparable to those amassed by royal houses and governments alike. This reputation was buoyed by Harry Winston’s keen jeweler’s eye, imparting his fascination with the beauty, majesty, and mystique of great gemstones to an illustrious clientele ranging from heads of state to Hollywood stars.

As such, the House has become the choice for the discerning. Throughout his lifetime, Winston believed that behind every great diamond was a fascinating story. That diamonds, like people, were most precious for their individuality. And that our most meaningful moments should be marked with jewels so exquisite and rare that they would forever serve as glittering reminders of our most cherished memories.

At Harry Winston, its founder’s loving ethos towards diamonds is reflected in their approach to one of life’s most important markers: the engagement ring. Instilled in every Harry Winston diamond is an incredible sense of pride, grounded in years of decades and tradition. And when you purchase a Harry Winston engagement ring, this legacy becomes yours.

“No two diamonds are alike,” Winston once explained. “Each diamond has a different nature. Each diamond must be handled the way you handle a person.”

With this spirit in mind, the selection within the Harry Winston’s bridal assortment presents an opportunity to find an engagement ring that embodies the heart and soul of its intended wearer, whether theirs is a classic taste or a modern beauty.

Here, we chronicle the suite of offerings in the House’s coveted bridal collections, so you can find the one for your loved one.

The Classic Winston Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones

From the iconic emerald-cut with its clean lines and sophisticated shape to round brilliant-cuts with sparkling facets of light, to elegant ovals and cushion-cuts, this ring embodies the timeless elegance and signature style of the House.

The refined design emphasizes delicate details: the subtlety of platinum prongs, the tapered platinum setting that supports the diamond visually and structurally, the near invisible underpinnings, and the grace of the ring shank. The Classic Winston Engagement Ring is offered with a round brilliant, pear-shaped, cushion, oval, radiant, or marquise-shaped center stone.

The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Befitting the “King of Diamonds,” the House’s Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring highlights the pristine quality and inherent beauty of a Harry Winston diamond. The simplicity of the tapered platinum setting serves to enhance, without distraction, the stone’s natural brilliance, while Harry Winston’s classic split-prongs support the diamond both visually and structurally.

The Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is offered with a round brilliant, emerald-cut or cushion-cut center stone.

HW Logo Rings

The quintessential symbol of love, this stunning collection continues the timeless tradition of Harry Winston bridal styles with an elegant, modern design. The ring setting features two logotypes, “H” and “W” representing the brand initials, as well as the titles “husband” and “wife,” which support a round brilliant-cut diamond center stone. True to the quality of Winston craftsmanship, each setting is custom designed for the individual stone.

Handcrafted in platinum, the design further accentuates the purity and inherent beauty of each diamond. For engagement rings, the HW design is offered in three stone sizes: 0.50, 0.70 and 1.00 carat. For added brilliance, the 1.00 carat ring is also offered with Harry Winston’s signature micropavé diamond detailing.

The One Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

Harry Winston’s The One micropavé engagement ring captures the enduring elegance and rare beauty of the world’s finest diamonds. Set in a delicate, feminine design, each ring is meticulously handcrafted using the timeless techniques that have long defined Winston’s legacy of unsurpassable style.

Every diamond, weighing 1/100 of a carat, is carefully selected and graded to ensure it meets Harry Winston’s strict quality standards. These very small diamonds are then set by hand to create an entire setting that enhances and highlights the beauty of the center stone. The One Micropavé Diamond Ring is offered with a round brilliant, oval, or cushion-cut.

Belle by Harry Winston

Named in homage to the estate that started Mr. Winston’s illustrious career, Belle by Harry Winston pays tribute to the House’s enduring love affair with brilliant jewels. Echoing the antique charm of estate jewels, the collection’s stunning geometric bezel is hand-set with diamond micropavé and elegantly frames a round brilliant center stone.

Each diamond is selected by hand and graded by discerning experts to ensure it meets Harry Winston’s strict quality standards. The Belle Engagement Ring is available in four center stone sizes – 0.50-, 0.70-, 1.00 and 2.00-carats.

The Ultimate Bridal Collection

For those searching for an even more bespoke engagement ring, this exclusive service allows clients to custom create a one-of-a-kind diamond ring that is as rare and unique as one’s own individual love story. Available for engagement rings starting at 3-carats (center stone) and above. The Ultimate Bridal Collection is available by special order in Harry Winston salons worldwide.

A great romance deserves a great commemoration. With Harry Winston’s collection of signature engagement and wedding rings, crafted using the finest diamonds and rarest gemstones, the promise of a lifetime will be memorialized forever more.

See more of the coveted Harry Winston bridal offering available in Harry Winston Salons at Ala Moana and the Royal Hawaiian Center.